True Art from True Psychosis

I am Jonathan Lohn. I have Bipolar 1 Atypical. I have a deep personal commitment to expose the beating heart of psychotic experience through different art forms and fight back against the cliches and charlatans.

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Whatever you do, do not hire me. I am inconsistent emotionally and behaviorally unstable. Instead, look at my book on

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My work addresses the means of representing images, sounds, textures and smells sensed during psychotic episodes. Please share experiences of this.

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This is a great unexplored continent of art. Please follow me if you also want to explore it.

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I have a deep personal commitment to reveal the perceptual glory of psychotic experience! I match the fabric of media to to that of time and space altered by true psychotic episodes.. I seek to combat the charlatanism of Dada and Surrealism, which lay claim to psychosis in the popular imagination. I am engaged with a number of mental health groups in building a community and identity for mentally ill people through art.

I want people to truly understand psychosis – both sufferers and the general population. I want everyone to enjoy the or be challenged by the art, the paradoxes and flip sides that comesfrom it.

I have been in general arts development – youth work and community development. I have worked closely with outsider artist – graffiti artists (not taggers) on the East Coast mainline and people with learning disabilities. I have had one profession exhibitions at the Michael Tippet Art Centre near Bath just prior to a major psychotic break triggered by the 9/11 attacks. I’ve been clawing my way back since then.

Art, building a Mental Health Community and the wonders of Bipolar are everything to me. Thanks to Missy Douglas for the inspiration for this site. I also thank Zannagh and the Trelil Recovery Centre in Bodmin for making mental illness feel like an advantage.


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